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Leeds Minibus Hire Service

Leeds Minibus Hire is your premier minibus hire company which offers 8-seater to 17-seater minibuses on hire. As well, we provide leasing for between 24-seaters and 59-seat coaches. Our travel firm is designed to furnish clients with the benefits they require in terms of convenience, safety and comfort while travelling. All this comes to you at great value as we present tour packages which take note of your various special requirements. Whether requiring minibus with driver or without, you can depend upon us to meet any kind of journeying needs you have. We put together a competent support team to ensure this happens.

The individuals and entities comprising it are your ultimate assurance of experiencing exhilarating moments while on the road. You can get the specific type of minibus you require and at cost which factors in the size and luxury considerations which are important to your group. Indeed, our travel firm has become a notable brand in Leeds and its vicinity for the high quality of attention we provide to all clients.

We parade an assortment of vehicles to comprise our minibus fleet. Having a versatile motoring outfit ensures that you get to select the type which suits your various considerations. All of them are passed through routine checks for performance in order to provide an outstanding level of assurance in terms of safety.

In seeking to offer you the best kind of attention, we adhere to a stringent hiring policy for employees. Only the most reliable and professional end up working at our offices and operating the minibuses we present to you for hire. Do not be troubled about getting lost while traversing various attraction sites whether on or off-road. Any Leeds minibus you obtain from us comes with state-of-the-art GPS tracking systems and mapping accessories. These in particular keep you within close reach in case an emergency occurs and you require swift recovery.

Outline of Our Main Coverage Areas

Get to enjoy our unique services all through West Yorkshire and different parts of Scotland. We are able to access various locations like Danderhall, Kinghorn, North Queensferry, Gorebridge, Musselburgh, Dalkeith and Tranent among others. Ensure to make reservations with our company for the most convenient arrangement of your itinerary. You can get to explore multiple hidden spots within Leeds and its environs comfortably when partnering with us.

Our Minibuses Fleet Description

Making use of cheap minibus hire in Leeds is your sure way of experiencing soundness while journeying in company with workmates, family or friends. The diversity of our minibus fleet is necessary in order to address any concerns which clients have about their travel plans. Take a look at the range of classic vehicles on our list online and decide on the most suitable for your needs.

8-Seater Minibus Hire:
It makes the smallest of our Minibus Hire Leeds fleet and very well suits individuals travelling in small family, group or small corporate gathering. Rest assured of having your luggage ferried safely with this choice.

10-Seater Minibus Hire:

This Leeds minibus delivers unique advantages which are characteristic of both the six and eight seat vehicles. It delivers extra gains through sitting and luggage space as well. You get all other interior inputs such as air conditioning too.

12-Seater Minibus Hire:

In case you are travelling along with a sizeable group of persons, focus on hiring this option. The rates applied are highly competitive and you can make early bookings to ensure getting the model which is most appealing.

14-Seater Minibus Hire:

Consider selecting this option if carrying a larger group of passengers to weddings, team-building and other events. Get to enjoy great value along with spacious interior as well.

16-Seater Minibus Hire:

Acquire luggage space and customized accessories for your entourage with the 16-seater minibus. You can book this minibus in order to take care of individuals with special needs.

17-Seater Minibus Lease:

Enjoy this choice, which is our largest kind of vehicle. You get to acquire even larger vehicle capacity, comfort and luggage room at your disposal. Ensure making reservations early to enable us serve you in the best way possible.

Description of Our Coach Fleet

We have gone ahead to avail coach hire which meet all kinds of travel needs for varying groups of travellers. Feel at liberty to contact our support team online at our website as you also peruse the customized packages we offer to clients.

The coaches and minibuses that we present to you are free to operate in and around Leeds in West Yorkshire and surrounding locations such as Edinburgh. You can make advanced reservations for various other locations as well. We promise to deliver you a most memorable tour while in our hands.

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Covered Nationwide
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Great Prices
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Modern Vehicles
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