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Both the ten as well as 12-seater minibuses are notable with clients for being superb selections when they want to travel between varied locations. If going on holiday with family, you will enhance the quality of your relationships by choosing either of these minibuses from us. You will end up making significant money savings too by settling on any of our customized travel packages.

Design of Minibuses

Many of the vehicles among the 10 and 12-seater fleet adopt a design that offers swiftness while on the road. Their bodies are mounted on chassis specified for trucks of light nature. This function is quite crucial for them to accommodate larger seating room. The seats fitted in also adopt a unique design that affords passengers greater comfort while sitting. The driving compartment of our minibuses is shaped in a manner which offers exceptional room for manoeuvre while on rough terrains.

Technology Accessories and Non-Strenuous Travel Benefits

Minibuses are delightful to journey in when fitted with ultramodern technical features that improve on safety and leisure. All of our 10-seater Minibus Hire Leeds and 12 seat minibus hire vehicles arrive with unique air-conditioning which keeps the vehicle either warm or cool as per your preference. This renders the minibus preferable for travelling to holiday destinations or whichever other destination.

Modern success in motoring largely depends upon new technology and how it aids in tracking vehicles. Times such as of adverse weather conditions and land topography can be easily enquired today owing to advancement in science. We have installed GPS navigation and mapping gadgets into every minibus within our fleet to facilitate these objectives.

To enhance passenger safety, all seats come fitted with airbags and safety belts which are configured to meet the specific challenges which are anticipated while journeying in diverse kinds of terrain. You can be certain of experiencing superb security while crisscrossing Leeds and its surrounding locations in our vehicles. We have insured each of them with comprehensive cover which addresses any eventualities which could require using this policy for both the minibus and its travellers.

Classic Interior Features

Most passengers like to have every important kind of supply or accessory present within the space which they inhabit when travelling. We take note of this fact at Minibus Hire Leeds and furnish you with an executive interior which closely resembles cosy office settings. The inside parts of our minibuses are cushioned heavily to prevent any unusual noises from the engine or outside environment from interfering with your journey. The 10 and 12 seat minibuses ensure you have ample working space, which facilitates convenient application of various personal electronic devices such as tablet, cell phone or laptop. Expect your corporate team to feel reinvigorated by combining the benefits of official engagement with luxurious settings while on the road.

Additional space is important as it provides an allowance for seats to be reclined when this is needed in order to offer additional comfort. You may easily get some sleep while in this position. Consider making us a part of your tour experience when seeking some extra leisure experience as you journey to different locations of interest in and around Leeds. Get in touch via the web and chat with our support team for responses to any queries about the quality of your travel with us.

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