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Middlestown is a small and famous town market with a rich history. The town has its history dating back to the industrial revolution and the Second World War. Travelling to this town in a team is very enjoyable and will rekindle your memory on 18th and 19th century. For greater enjoyment, Minibus Hire Leeds has some of the best minibuses for teams travelling in the region. We pride chauffeuring travellers in great comfort and making their experience unforgettable. Have a look at some of our buses and how we are going to add value to your journey.

Minibuses and Big Coaches

Following years of research, we have established that many people are always looking for ways of travelling in greater comfort, using lesser money, and optimizing their enjoyment. We have minibuses of 6 to 14-seaters which are ideal for people travelling in small groups. These are ideal for a small family, a small corporate board, or friends who want to take sometime bonding together.

If you are a medium sized group of over 14 but not exceeding 23 people, Minibus Hire MIddlestown has larger minibuses to accommodate you all. However, for larger groups, it is advisable to take any of our coaches which can accommodate up to 59 people. All our buses are procured from global brands such as Nissan, Nissan Diesel, Toyota, Mercedes, and Ford among others that have cut a special niche in the society for quality. Remember that travelling in larger groups is helpful because you can share costs and use the rest of the money for greater enjoyment during travel.

Special Focus on Safety

Safety to Minibus Hire Middlestown is one of the most critical things that are used to guarantee clients the best experience on their journey. All the engines, bodies, and other parts of our minibuses are properly maintained to ensure that clients do not get breakages on the road. In case of inevitable events, our support team will always be waiting to assist you. Simply call and report the incidence. We will send another bus for you to continue with the journey as we fix the problem that has risen.

The vehicles are fitted with modern technological systems that help to protect the vehicle and those on board. Modern air bags will inflate in micro-seconds to ensure that you are protected from impact of even the smallest impact. Other technologies that help to improve security include remote diagnoses and resetting of vehicles, and direct tracking using GPS. We keep updating the security systems to ensure that all the occupants are always secure and enjoying every minute of their travel.

Full Time Support

Our support services are targeted at making the clients get all the relevant information they require to arrive at the right decisions. We hire the best support personnel to assist with consultation and even responding during times of distress. If you are unsure about Middlestown or others areas that you need to visit in Leeds, the type of minibus to take, and even costing, simply call us. You can also leave a query on our site and we will respond promptly with all the information that you need. 

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