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Such minibuses are suited to customized travel needs of small to medium-sized groups attending unique events like parties, weddings and corporate functions. At Leeds Minibus Hire, we appreciate that the present-day traveller is keen on attaining exquisite service delivery, which is what we are best at offering. Our fleet's vehicles are fantastic and designed to impress any client.

Customized Design of Our Minibuses

Both 12 and 14-seater minibuses have been installed with modern technological devices, which enable them to retain stability while negotiating different terrains in West Yorkshire and the surrounding areas. The floor is set low and facilitates convenient access to luggage and all passengers, even those with special needs. Their body is also designed with care and caters to varying numbers of travellers without compromising comfort.

Interior finishing is just one of the aspects in which we have invested heavily and uniquely to ensure you get the best of luxury when journeying with us. We use leather mainly in the 12 and 14-seaters, which come fitted with high-resolution lighting gadgets. All vehicle brands in our amazing fleet are guaranteed to inspire and deliver fulfilment in its highest sense. Our air conditioning system is superb, and you can adjust it to suit your aeration requirements.

Additional Systems for Control Functionality and Safety

We aim to present a memorable experience to our clients to keep them coming back time and again. As such, you will find various unique technological gadgets to enable Minibus Hire Leeds to track down passengers and vehicles for better security provisions. The minibuses have power steering, electric windows, GPS tracking devices, and other crucial functions. Unexpected incidences like engine malfunctioning or logistical complications with authorities are resolved promptly to enable you to resume your journey in peace.

For greater safety experiences, use our 12 and 14-seater minibuses, which come fitted with safety devices of high sensitivity. The highly-effective seatbelts installed, in particular, get activated swiftly within seconds and keep you from getting tossed about if a sudden stop occurs. In addition, the vehicles have airbags installed within them in addition to different locations. These activate and then fill up within nanoseconds in case an accident happens, offering extra safety.

Why to Should Settle for 12-Seater Minibus Hire Leeds and 14-seat minibus Hire  

Many individuals preparing to travel to Leeds and its surroundings often get concerned about how to maximize their journeying experience. Our 12-seater Minibus Hire Leeds and the 14-seat minibus hire services are driven by chauffeurs who have undergone special training. They have driven on different roads within the West Yorkshire area. They can deliver you safely and promptly to whichever destination. Rest assured of enjoying each moment of your drive while in their guidance.

Our customer care lines remain open at any time of night or day. Call or visit our website to make any enquiries or for reservations of the package which you find most suitable for your travel needs. Find whatever kind of specific information you need by getting in touch with our support team. Once you do so, we shall ensure serving you in the most courteous and expedited way.

Do feel very much welcome at any time to try out Minibus Hire Leeds. Remember to prioritize us to ascertain you explore the joy and satisfaction of touring and travelling in small through medium-sized groups with a touch of elegance.

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