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While travelling in a group can deliver great fun to members, planning for it can be a logistical nightmare. You are forced to either purchase a vehicle, or borrow from a friend. You have to meet additional requirements such as insurance, maintenance, and documentation before setting out for Heckmondwike and larger Leeds City roads. You do not have to go through all of these difficulties. Minibus Hire Leeds has a wide range or minibuses and coaches for people travelling in small, medium, and large groups. We have designed the minibuses to move groups of people to weddings and special events, corporate meetings and seminars, sports, and even institutional events. Here is an account of why our services are the best in the market.


The problem of cost has made many people and institutions to shy away from frequent travelling. We have however come up with affordable travel packages for different groups to encourage people to travel in groups, explore new areas, enjoy their holidays, and meet new people our of their ordinary cities. If you are travelling in a small team, consider going for the 8 to 14-seater minibuses and 14 to 17-seater minibuses if the group is relatively big.

Because the team members are coming together, it is easy to bring down the cost even further by pooling together resources. This will make everybody to feel part of the main system and increase his/her involvement. This concept has made travelling to become fun because groups of people can move to many places that an individual could not have easily afforded. In one of the client’s comments, our 14-seater minibus was lauded because of its great comfort and ability to hold additional luggage. “I was mesmerized by the strength of the 14-seater minibus to be able to carry all our shopping during our summer camping,” explained the client in one of the reviews.¬†

 Special Focus on Safety

The notion of safety is what takes bulk of our efforts at Leeds Minibus Hire. We belief that when clients are assured of their safety during travel, they are able enjoy and get higher value for money. We only hire highly qualified drivers who understand the entire Leeds and its vicinity. This makes it easy to transport clients to any part of the famous Heckmondwike easily and help them beat time without getting stuck on traffic, avoidable accidents, and other breakages. We also subject our drivers to frequent reviews and additional training to ensure they are up to date in their focus on delivering higher value to clients.

Safety at Minibus Hire Leeds is further guarantee using modern technology. All our minibuses and coaches are fitted with GPS tracking system, automated mechanical diagnostic systems, and safety airbags. With these, you are assured that every issue will be identified and rectified before it becomes a major problem. We stop at nothing when it comes to security of our clients during travel.

Reach us now to book the best minibus or coach that can accommodate all the people in your team.  The support team is professional and will help you to assess the nature and quantity of luggage before recommending a specific bus for you.

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