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Travelling for fun, corporate, or special events assured you of great experience. The enjoyment you get is however dependent on the nature of the transport you use. Minibus hire Batley is a company that rents minibuses and coaches to clients and ensures they get optimal enjoyment and value for money. When the company was started, we wanted to provide our services differently and make clients to feel part of us. Here is what distinguishes our services from those offered by others to clients travelling in Batley and entire west Yorkshire.

Modern Technology In all our Buses

Modern travelling is different from classic period when many of the current technological systems were still in their infancy. Our management system always carry reviews to establish what clients want when travelling for corporate, tourism, and other special events. We have ensured that all our vehicles are fitted with latest Wi-Fi systems to enable clients remain in touch with friends, family, and other people they left behind. You will be able to tweet, get Facebook updates, and even tell other friends about the experiences you are getting when away. If you are travelling for corporate or academic purposes, the Wi-Fi system is a perfect chance for you carry additional research about your topic.

To optimize your comfort, we also fit the buses with state of art air conditioning systems that help to regulate the environment in the passengers’ compartment. Adjust the lovely leather covered seats, and tell the driver to play your lovely music tracks. The experience will be truly unforgettable.

Every team of travelers preparing for an expedition will always enquire and insist to get the most secure means of transport. Minibus hire Leeds has installed latest OBD2 tools in all of its buses for remote mechanical diagnostics. Besides, the buses are also fitted with modern geo-tracking software that helps to identify and track the routes you use. Any issue that inevitably arises will consequently be identified on time and rectified for you to complete the journey as planed. With us, you are assured of completing your travel safely.

Full Time Support for Clients Aboard

People who are new to Batley or want to tour nearby areas want as much information as possible about it for greater enjoyment. Our company has fulltime support that will always give you the information you need. We are available on our telephone line and website day and night to talk and reply to your queries.

Our drivers are highly qualified and understand every aspect about your minibus hire Batley trip and nearby areas. Batley, a small town located about 11 kilometers south of Bradford has some of the best sceneries and features for travelers to enjoy. Make sure to capture the scenes of the lovely Town Hall, St. Paul’s church, and Bagshow museum. You will also enjoy doing holiday shopping in the shopping malls of the cool town.

Make sure to leave your feedback telling us about your experience. We will be waiting for you to come back for more as we improve our services for greater clients’ satisfaction.  

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