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Minibus Hire Leeds has become a favorite for many people traveling for corporate events. Our vehicles are more appealing because of new technologies that make clients travel in great tranquility. Our staff and strategic management teams are always working on new methods of promoting enjoyment, comfort, and ultimate client’s satisfaction. Here are some of our great additions that will make you keep coming for more.

OBD2 Diagnostic Tools for Additional Safety

Minibus hire Leeds services are always guided by focus to deliver greater comfort in the safest way possible. We have consequently fitted all our vehicles with OBD2 tools to help with automatic mechanical diagnostics. The diagnostic tools are operated remotely to enable us monitor the mechanical performance and ensure that everything is performing optimally. Incase a problem arises in the mechanical system of the vehicle; the automated and remotely controlled OBD2 tools help us to fix it automatically.

The last thing that a client wants to think about is getting stuck with a mechanical problem on the road. Once our OBD2 tools fitted on vehicles indicate that the problem is complex, we send another minibus to ferry you for the remaining part of your journey. Because all mechanical parameters are monitored remotely from our office, you can rest assured that we travel with you and your journey can only get better and more enjoyable.

Wi-Fi U Internet in the Bus

Travelling can only be fun when you are able to meet your friends, share photos, and even update your social networks pages irrespective of where you are. This is a reality that minibus hire Leeds seeks to advance to travelers wherever they go. When you hire our buses, they come with special Wi-Fi systems that will allow you to surf internet, take photos and share them with friends, as well as other online activities. If the distance you are travelling from Lofthouse-Stanley is relatively large or you are simply tired when travelling back, simply lower your seat and chat with friends on your Smartphone. This is a magnificent experience.

For corporate, internet access on our minibuses is perhaps the greatest addition that makes our minibuses ideal. The entire team can complete research, pre-upload files and slides for presentations, and liaise with junior staff left ion offices. One client explained how he completed the research on his presentation and made a fantastic speech on a corporate seminar. “While I had always looked forward to this event, the research I did when travelling aboard a hired minibus opened my eyes even more. It is this research that made me win the award,” explained the client who came back to provide a positive feedback to the company. 

To us, giving you the best experience is our sole purpose. We go to great lengths in assessing areas of improvement to provide clients in Lofthouse-Stanley, nearby areas, and the entire England with great services and making their travelling unforgettable. Reach us today for additional consultation, quotation, and other information that will help you select the best minibus to use.

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